About Shoebox


Shoebox was created by Couch Labs Inc in Toronto. We built Shoebox to simplify photo collections and backup in a world where almost every device has a built in camera.

Our blog covers all major announcements and feature launches.

Press Inquires
"The cross-platform capability here surpasses the limitations of Google+ pic-sharing options, Apple’s iCloud and others ... Let’s just see how fast all the other players in the photo-sharing game can catch up."

"The ability of MyShoebox to attract such extensive volume is the fact that it takes a highly inclusive approach to photo sharing."

"The photo app is automatic on Android phones ... if your phone finds itself buried in the snow during the post-dinner game of touch football, you won’t lose any of the priceless family photos that you took earlier in the afternoon."

"The service offers native apps ... that sync your entire photo collection to the cloud without you having to do any extra work."

"All of your photos are automatically backed up and you can access them anywhere. This offers an easy solution next time you’re at your Aunt’s house and everyone wants to see your wedding photos!"